Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dare To Be Dramatic

It’s no secret - Indian women are by far the most glamorous women around. We love big jewels, vivacious clothes and dramatic makeup. It’s quite disappointing to see women here in the states resorting to sweats in favour of flowing chiffon sundresses and oversized mirrored bangles. So why be boring, ladies? Dare to be dramatic, here’s how:

  • Two words - Fake lashes. I cannot live without fake lashes. They just add that finishing touch to the makeup regime. I don’t see many women taking advantage of this not-so-secret beauty secret. Bollywood actresses aren’t born with lush, dreamy lashes, they glue them on and you can too. I prefer MAC falsies but you can find fakes at the chemist or any beauty supply store.

  • Bronzed skin is also an Indian vixen signature. I’m personally as pale as Casper in the winter months, but no one knows that (until now) because I’m a devotee of bronzer. Indian women usually shy away from bronzer thinking ‘oh my, I don’t want to be darker’, but really, bronzer not only adds definition it makes you look healthier and mind you, skinnier. Just sweep bronzer right below the apples of your cheeks and voila, you’ll have an envious bone structure.

  • Kohl line eyes are huge right now. Especially the Amy Winehouse winged look. I don’t recommend going that thick but a little wing is ultra glam as well as flattering for our almond shaped eyes. I like liquid liner for this look although I recognize that it’s incredibly hard to put on and I still smudge even after 13 years of putting on makeup. But the trick here is to draw the wing first then go in for the kill. Also, don’t forget your colour contacts to really make a statement.

  • Now to the most important feature of an Indian goddess - the hair. Long, flowing, luscious tresses have been coveted throughout history. Indian women especially have the most amazing hair. Make your hair red-carpet ready with an Indian secret that’s been passed down from generation to generation, coconut oil. I personally use parachute coconut oil (I know, chuckle away sweetie). It really works wonders, not only is my hair silky smooth, it’s shiny and spectacular. I suffer from dry hair, and once I started using coconut oil, my hair is Pantene-worthy, and then some. Just rub into the scalp once a week, keep it on for 2 hours, rinse really well and you’re good to go.


The colours that work best on us (you’ve all been asking) are Fuschia, Red, Persian Blue, Navy Blue, Gold, Black and White. Take a cue from old Bollywood actresses. Oversized sunglasses with a little gloss can be a saviour on those days you’d like to hide. Also you can never go wrong with an embellished tunic paired with long white pants and jewelled sandals (very VIVRE). Make use of your “Indian Closet”, if you’re an NRI you know what I am referring to. All those Indian clothes that are taken out for dinners, weddings, etc are just sitting there. You spend thousands on Indian couture and yet it’s pretty much useless. I didn’t realize how extensive my Indian closet was until a friend of mine, (who happens to be Parisian) almost went into cardiac arrest after viewing my collection of Indian garb. She taught me these looks:

  • Kurtas paired with opaque black tights and black oxfords (Perfect for shopping)

  • Lengha skirts paired with a plain white spaghetti strap top (Preferable for Sunday brunches or casual dinners)

  • Scarves paired with a matching jersey dress and cowboy boots.

I never really thought about these looks but once we tried them, they looked fabulous. If only Indian designers could be as inspiring as my Parisian friend in my closet… Now go on divas and explore rich fabrics and decadent jewellery and “look at me” makeup. Always dare to be dramatic. -M

Sunday, June 8, 2008

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